The Author

Harold Krakower, who has always had a great love for children, began his story-telling career, when his granddaughter, Jamie, was young. His great imagination would transport his granddaughter into the world of make-believe as they sat at the dinner table. For her third birthday, Krakower printed out two of her favorite stories, The Magic Green Popsicle and Sugarland, and presented them to her. The Sugarland Stories series was born. Krakower compares the satisfaction of finally seeing his work in print as second only to meeting his lovely wife, and the birth of his two sons and grandchildren. He lives in Thornhill, Ontario, with his wife, Molly.

The Illustrator

Linda Shaw is an award winning artist who has had a passion and a talent for expressive story telling since she was very young. Extensive experience painting murals, landscapes and portraits has further enhanced her ability to communicate through painting. She has a tremendous background in the Language Arts, having gone to school to become a teacher. An ideal skill set that complements her abilities as a visual story teller.

With tender loving care Linda Shaw breathes life into the story’s characters. There is a certain childlike innocence in the way she paints Sarah, Alice and the rest of the inhabitants of Sugarland that really connects with the young audience. The author, Harold Krakower, especially appreciates her ability to put on canvas “What I see in my mind as I write these stories."

We have a unique chemistry, from the very beginning Linda was able to pick up on how I saw Sarah and the softness of Arnold the bear. She understood that I was a loving grandfather telling his grand-children these wonderful stories and, having her own grandchildren, we were able to become the great team of author and illustrator.”

“My art is very personal. I have never been a sales person, or felt the need to pursue selling. Just making people happy with what I do for them is what it’s always been about.”

- Linda Shaw.